Adam's Wishlist

I am looking for sets, single medals and plaques to any of the men listed here. If you have any of the medals for sale or know of the whereabouts of any then please contact me on:

01429 232782 or 07904349727





Chop Gate War Memorial


10904 Pte CLARENCE ELWYN Wilson Yorkshire regiment 6th battalion

4481 PERCY WILLIAM ALLENBY Yorkshire Regiment 4th battalion - SEPTEMBER 7 1916

44019 HENRY TROUSDALE DLI 22nd Bt (formerly 28004 York’s regiment - JULY 1917

32549 Pte JOHN WILLIAM GARBUTT York and Lancaster Regiment 8th battalion

TS/4592 Cpl HARRY AINSLEY Army Service Corps 1061st Coy 

72496 Pte HARRY KNAGGS West Yorkshire Regiment (Formerly 26591 Yorks regiment)

T3/026629 Dvr WILLIAM TASKER Royal Army Service Corps

18985 Pte ROBERT ETHERINGTON Yorkshire Regiment


Great Ayton War Memorial


2nd Lieutenant Arthur Barnard Lifford Crosby - Durham Light Infantry

W.E. Wilkes not on soldiers died or commonwealth war graves?

Lieutenant Timothy Hugh Stowell Crosby – RFC 1st Aircraft Depot, formerly Durham Light Infantry

38931 Pte Edwin Wise King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 2nd Bn, formerly 82433 T.R. Battn.

Lieutenant Philip Walter Rivers Arundel – RAF 43 Squadron.

11191 Pte Bernard Brown Yorkshire Regiment "D" Coy. 6th Bn

235134 Pte John Dawson Yorkshire Regiment 5th Battalion

64655 GNR John Ord Royal Garrison Artillery, 1st Siege Bty

11365 Pte Lawrence A Johnson – Yorkshire Regiment 6th battalion

3149 Pte Charles Kearon –Northumberland fusiliers 16th Battalion

3456 Pte Joseph Nichols Baines - Yorkshire Regiment 4th battalion

62139 Pte Thomas William Seales Robinson – Yorkshire Regiment 9th battalion

200411 L/Cpl Richard Etherington – Yorkshire Regiment 4th battalion

77899 Pte G. Grayson - West Yorkshire Regiment 10th battalion

118506 Pioneer John Isaac Peacock - Royal Engineers 7th Labour Battalion

35636 Pte Thomas Richard Stokil – Yorkshire Light Infantry 10th Battalion (formerly 2225 Yorks Regiment)

201559 Cpl Dennis Grierson - Seaforth Highlanders 4th battalion

34217 Gnr Mathews West – Royal Field Artillery "B" Bty. 86th Bde

241802 Pte William A Trembath - Lincolnshire Regiment 5th battalion

T4/159783 Dvr F. Lambert – Royal Army Service Corps No. 1. Coy. 56th Div. Train

200403 Sgt William Cockerill – Yorkshire Regiment 4th Battalion

3637 Pte James Hodgson – House Hold Cavalry queens own Yorkshire dragoons

4464 Pte Robert Theobald – Yorkshire Regiment 4th battalion

209313 Gunner Albert Bottomley - Artillery

RMA/15500 Gunner Samuel Spretall Bradley Royal Marine Artillery

200407 L/Cpl Harold Surtees Yorkshire regiment 1st/4th battalion

3520 Pte Gilbert Rumbellow Yorkshire regiment 4th Battalion

71731 Gnr William Lambert RHA & RFA

77663 Gnr Oscar Coates RGA

12212 Pte William Hopper Border regiment 8th battalion

G/6660 Pte Herbert Wilson – East Kent regiment 6th battalion  

2201 Pte Ernst Pearson Yorskshire Regiment 4th battalion

R/40766 Rifleman James Irwin Craig King's Royal Rifle Corps 1st/11th Battalion

2470 Pte William Ord – Yorkshire Regiment 4th battalion

1126 Pte Arthur Edward Wilks – Yorkshire Regiment 4th battalion

182298 Dvr Harry Featherstone RFA "D" Bty. 83rd Bde

11366 Pte George Hodgson Yorkshire regiment 6th battalion

3/8769 Pte Samuel Davies Yorkshire regiment 2nd battalion  

201684 Pte William Hindmarsh Yorkshire regiment 4th battalion

32681 Pte Leslie Vain Cockerill South Lancashire regiment 1/5th battalion


Stokesley War Memorial

Major W G Forbes MC – RGA

Captain A Forbes - 2nd Royal Warwicks

Lt T Wiggins - 2/4th Yorks

Lt A B G Woodd – West Yorks

2nd Lt G D Denman – 2nd Yorks

100 CQMS Fredrick Arthur Barr – 4th Yorks

200344 Sgt F Shore MM – 4th Yorks

788 Corporal John Thomas Caton – 4th Yorks

Cpl G Clark - Yorks Hussars

17100 Cpl Andrew George Henderson RE

5458 Cpl Henry Johnson 4th East Yorks

89290 Bomdr Henry Ernst Allison – RGA

L/Cpl H Clark – Yorkshire Hussars

203966 L/Cpl Arthur  Edwin Johnson MM -  20th Durham Light Infantry (previously 29206 Northumberland Fusiliers)

25831 L/Cpl John Miller - 13th Yorks

L/Cpl J W Payler – Machine Gun Company

6359 L/Cpl William Shore – 4th Yorks

246455 Gnr Henry Farrow Mudd – RFA

94557 1st air mechanic Allan Richmond – RAF

18212 Pte John Myers Alderson - 1st Yorks

235095 Pte John Rontree Baines - 10th Yorks

205679 Pte Henry Barker – 4th East Yorks

764603 Pte Ernst Barker - 1st Artist Rifles

Pte J Barritt – East Yorks

97335 Pte Algar Carter – 2nd notts & Derbys

1041 Pte Harry Carter – 4th Yorks

23502 Pte W Cockfield – Machine Gun Corps ( Formerly 1924 4th Yorks)

Pte J W Cropper – 9th Yorks & Lancs

18246 Pte Thomas Farnaby – 4th Yorks

9648 Pte Walter Fishwick – West Yorks

11525 Pte Fredrick Dunning Foster - 2nd Durham Light Infantry

34898 Pte James Fredrick Glasper – Yorkshire Light Infantry

1946 Pte T H Hartas – 4th Yorks

Pte W Johnson – Royal Innisc Fusiliers

Pte G Johnson 2/4th Yorks

24396 Pte Tom Lee – 7th Yorks

201822 Pte John Waller Mudd – 5th Yorks

40766 Pte Stephen Ernst Harold Richardson – 1st Northants 

60513 Pte Wilfred G T G Richardson – 7th Yorks

25308 Pte Arthur Shore – 10th Yorks

1935 Pte John George  Skeen – 4th Yorks

30685 Pte Albert Webster – 7th Yorks (formerly 27359 Yorks regt)

Pte R Wood – Northumberland Fusiliers


Hutton Rudby War memorial

Lieut. Col John Hutton Bowes Wilson – West Riding Regiment

Capt. George Hutton Bowes Wilson - RE

2nd Lt George Young Blair- RHA & RFA

24715 Sergeant Pilot Percy Snowdon - Royal Flying Corps 45th Squadron

E.R.A George Haddington March

17344 Sergeant Herbert Warrington Gallacher – Durham Light Infantry 10th Battalion

19572 Sergeant Alfred Claude Wrightson - Yorkshire Regiment 7th Battalion

45808 Cpl Walter Grierson - RE

10736 L/Cpl William Hill – Yorkshire Regiment 6th Battalion

15363 L/Cpl William Mcphie – Yorkshire Regiment 9th Battalion

186849  Gunner Edwin Chapman – RFA ( formerly R/20380 21sy Kings Royal Rifles)

72387 Gunner William Meynell Smith – RFA 14th Div. Ammunition Col.

3169 Pte Bewick Bainbridge – Yorkshire Regiment 4th Battalion

30415 Pte Walter Drake – Royal Warwickshire Regiment 14th battalion

203015 Pte Henry Foggin – East Yorkshire Regiment 1/4th Battalion (Formerly 31577 Northumberland Fusiliers

50103 Pte Robert Garbutt - Lancashire Fusiliers 10th Battalion

2933 Pte Percy Grierson – Yorkshire Regiment 4th Battalion

2324 Pte William Graham Hall – Durham Light Infantry 1st/8th Battalion

20337 Pte George Harston – Yorkshire Regiment 10th Battalion

201872 Pte Leslie Hodgson MM – Yorkshire Regiment 5th Battalion

R/14056 Pte Charles Keyworth MM - King's Royal Rifle Corps 10th Battalion

11046 Pte John George Kirton – Yorkshire Regiment 6th Battalion

24384 GDSN William Reginald Milburn – Grenadier Guards 4th Battalion

S/41074Pte William Thomas Passman – Seaforth Highlanders 4th Battalion (formerly S/18926 R.S.F)

33086 Pte Norman Richardson – East Yorkshire Regiment 10th Battalion

Pte Berthram James Smith

5705 Pte Charles William Southeran – Durham Light Infantry (Formerly 28674 orks Regiment)

267352 Pte Robert Wilson – Northumberland Fusiliers 1st /6th Battalion