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Collector looking to sell singles or groups now surplus to a collection

We work on small margins when buying medals. If you have any medals which are surplus to your collections we would be very pleased and grateful for the chance to make an offer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

Have you inherited medals or thinking of selling your own?

We will give you a free and 100% honest valuation and pay high prices. We can pay in Cash, Cheque, Paypal or do an instant bank transfer straight into your bank account.

We would be very interested in purchasing any medals that you are looking to sell. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone 01429 232782 or 07904349727 or email [email protected]

If you are a non collector and have medals which you wish to sell there are a number of things you need to know.

Research of more modern conflicts sometimes has less scope, but casualty and gallantry checks should still be made. Men who took part in conflicts prior to World War One, such as the Boer War can also be researched.  

For instance if you have a WW1 1914 Trio to a private solider, that you wish to sell, research needs to be done. All Trios’ look identical; it is the information from the back of the Star and the rims of the British War Medal and Victory Medal, which dictates the value.

There are a number of very basic checks that should be undertaken, before a valuation is given

1. Check the recipients’ medal index card, which medals was he entitled to? Was he commissioned as an officer? Etc.

2. Casualty search. Was he killed in action? If the recipient was the value increases sometimes greatly. The date and action in which the man was killed also impacts the value.

3. Check to see if the mans services papers or pension records are available, in some case information in these papers can increase the value.

4. Search the London gazette to see if the man was awarded a bravery medal, again if he was the medals increase in value. If commissioned as an officer information can also be gained from the London gazette.

We will do all of the above checks completely free of charge. There is obviously much greater research that can be undertaken but the four points above are the basics, to be able to value a WW1 Trio.

If you have any queries please call on 01429 232782 or 0790439727 or email us - [email protected]